The Old Forest [Archive Thread]

For Fangorn is old, old even as the Elves would reckon it.
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'old, very old...and full of memory'
'...dim, and frightfully tree-ish'
'Saruman often used to wander in Fangorn, and was always eager to listen'

The idea of this thread is to archive the remaining pieces of the old Plaza which are relevant to the Khazad-Dum's history. Much has been lost, and many links are broken on the Wayback Machine. People might like to work to compile and restore as much of the history as possible. Whether it be icons, banners, working links to old threads, records and lists, or whatever seems important, funny, or memorable from Fangorn's history, you are encouraged to post it here. This is an ongoing work in progress, please enjoy this trip down memory lane.

And as a bit of a bonus, since there is no nuPlaza White Council/Isengard, I figured I would compile any of those links here as well, though I will try to keep them separate by kingdom, rather than just going by year for both kingdoms at once. It seems appropriate, given where Saruman liked to lurk. :)

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Oh this is a very good idea! Thanks for starting it @KingODuckingham!

One thing I've seen browsing through the old Fangorn threads is a few differENT iterations of a game called "Do You Dare to ENTer?" But none of the threads themselves are archived. It seemed to be a fairly popular game if anyone remembers how it worked?
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Funnily enough, despite Fangorn's reputation for age, as far as I can tell it is the youngest of the plaza kingdoms save for Lothlorien (which is its own bit of humor). Here follows whatever I can find from 2002, which is not much seeing as how the earliest capture is from October:

FAQ & Code of Conduct -- This thread is quite ENTeresting, seeing as Fangorn was likely so new at the time. And those icons! ... Position=1

For the Ents -- Unfortunately these images from Peeg do not seem to have survived, although they might just be somewhere else. ... Position=1

The Twig Tavern -- Ents have pubs, how odd. Also I think I see some super early ENT puns in there! ... Position=1

Daily Leaf Contributions I -- A super early kingdom news letter! ... Position=1

Tree Twisters IV -- A place from which to cannibalize riddles! ... Position=1

Debates - important news -- Very early debate scheduling ... Position=1

Suggestions for newbie induction -- Where you could find how to be a mENTor ... Position=1

The Patrol -- I can see why some threads had sigs off if most posts were like this; the sigs are way longer than the actual posts ... Position=1

Favorite Forest =VOTE= -- What it sounds like: choose between five forests. I didn't count it up to see if Fangorn won or not, bit embarassing if they didn't. ... Position=1

The First Official Entmoot -- Pretty cool find! ... Position=1

The ENT-ertainment Club -- The ancient version of our current meme thread, long before the word meme had reached the popular consciousness. ... Position=1

Pretty happy that most of it loaded, even though altogether there isn't much from 2002. Looks to be much more from 2003 though!

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The White Council 2002 banner proclaims they are available for "Weddings, Hobbit Parties, and Bar-Mitzvahs at reasonable rates."
2002 WC

Sauron is an Istari? -- Super early thread, Feb. 2002 There were already five Gandalfs, to judge by the username the thread. Seems to have been opened before any real rules or something, weird thread. ... Position=1

Different languages -- Another weird thread asking whether someone can answer questions in Croatian. Not very Isengard specific haha. ... Position=1

Riddles 2 -- This is one of a bunch of riddle threads in WC, but the only one that would load. I guess they really liked their riddles. ... Position=1

Istari -- These early plaza names man...Another thread that's basically a lore thread, but in a kingdom :smiley14: ... Position=1

This may be tough.. a riddle. -- I lied, here's yet another riddle thread, apparently you could just open one whenever you wanted. ... Position=1

Spell -- A request from an elf for a spell. ... Position=1

Greeting -- Just a thread to say they are joining the kingdom, lol ... Position=1

Heren Istarion Elen Contributions -- Earliest WC newspaper thread! ... Position=1

Quest II: The Scroll -- The fact that Saruman is "Le Bob" who speaks in corny "olde Englishe" is so funny to me. ... Position=1

Wizard-on-the-street-interview -- I don't know what to make of this. ... Position=1

Owt Canny -- Even in 2002, the plaza was getting dull apparently. According to the opening post, anyway. ... Position=1

Top 10 Reasons for Joining the Istari -- It's Bearamir, though by a different name! ... Position=1

Quest Of The Missing Staff -- The vibe from 2002 WC is becoming very clear now. It, ah, didn't age super well haha. Bless them though. ... Position=1

Abbreviations -- A really fascinating thread about the abbreviations in plaza use at the time. ... Position=1

Riddle Nebula VIII -- So many riddle threads. ... Position=1

Gandalf & Saruman’s Office II -- A terrifying Eye-con in that thread... ... Position=1

The Bizarre Barter’s Bazaar V -- A ways later in the year, looks like some rules and regulations had begun to form. ... Position=1

Heren Istarion Elen Contributions III -- Another newsletter thread ... Position=1

Music Mages and Poetry Potentates 2 -- Some great stuff in here. ... Position=1

Invitation -- Particularly fitting for this thread, and invitation from Fangorn to the WC ... Position=1

Newby Relations Office X -- Bearamir with the Nessa icon now! ... Position=1

Le Bob’s Restaurant XVI -- He's back! ... Position=1

The Round Table of Orthanc, Session VII -- The Council meeting ... Position=1

Come out and show yourselves II !!! -- Unsurprisingly, only about 1 photo loads in this super early thread, and it's not even a wizard, it's Treebeard. ... Position=1

Its Tribute Time Again!!! -- I miss tribute, it was kind and fun. ... Position=1

White Council Court, trial of the witch... -- oooh, a courtroom scene! ... Position=1

That's it for WC 2002, quite a bit actually! Probably the funniest 2002 archive yet, to me.

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KingODuckingham wrote: Thu Jun 25, 2020 7:58 pm Funnily enough, despite Fangorn's reputation for age, as far as I can tell it is the youngest of the plaza kingdoms save for Lothlorien (which is its own bit of humor).
This is correct. I joined the Plaza in January of 2003 and Fangorn was a relatively new kingdom at that point. Lorien was the last Kingdom that was added, which threw scheduling for IK games for a loop. We went from 8 teams (which was a very easy schedule to make) to 9 where one had to get a bye each round.
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If Fangorn and WC are about as well preserved as KD, this will be a busy year.

Advice from an Ent -- It says advice, but it looks like the thread is mostly puns LOL ... Position=1

Fangorn Song Parody Company III -- Already the 3rd one, obviously popular idea. Plus, you get to be reminded of ancient pop songs occasionally! ... Position=1

Fangorn’s Comedy Central 2 -- These jokes were judged, how stressful :oops: ... Position=1

Mooting for mENTors -- RecruitmENT for mENTors ... Position=1

Writer’s Woods II -- Like the CoLP, but for Fangorn! ... Position=1

A new, neverending beginning... -- Collaborative storytelling ... Position=1

Strut Your Stuff!! - Entish Pictures II -- Pretty useless, since none of the pictures load, oh well. ... Position=1

Code of Conduct and FAQs >>>New? READ THIS FIRST!<<< -- Pretty much the same as the 2002 thread, but with new comments. ... Position=1

The Greenhouse XI >>>>>FOR NEW ENTS & INTROS<<<<< -- A thoroughly color coded thread ... Position=1

"Quotations of Arda V" -- A game for identifying quotes ... Position=1

Pulb for Sera’s Happy Return! -- After reading I still don't understand what a pulb is.... ... Position=1

Welcome to the Middle-Earth Olympics -- This post was made in every kingdom, this is the Fangorn copy. ... Position=1

Tree Twisting Riddles XXVI -- More riddles! Cool thread banner. ... Position=1

AnciENT Wisdom - Debate Team HQ -- Debate planning! @Mojo in there, obviously ... Position=1

Fangorn Dictionary 2 -- A cool idea, but it didn't seem to catch on, probably because everyone wanted to spam, not take forever to say something. ... Position=1

FANGORNvskHAZAD DUM: Interkingdom race -- Weird thread title, but hey, Fangorn won the race! ... Position=1

TreeGarth Headquarters - A new Shepherd again?? -- R A N K S ... Position=1

Fangorn’s Picture Improvement Society XVIII -- A caption contest, but you can't see the pictures! Fun, right? ... Position=1

The Official Entmoot of Fangorn -- Ruler's thread ... Position=1

Alright, I guess it's because the threads were around for a longer time, but there's a high load rate on these old threads, and I need a break. I'll come back and finish 2003 in my next post in a little while.


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Alright, returning to Fangorn 2003 threads:
2003, cont.

The Fangorn Guild IX (Of New Names) -- Bit of a weird thing, guess it's just more obsession with ranks. ... Position=1

Fangorn Dictionary 2 -- This thread went a little better than the first one ... Position=1

Never Ending Story...Lets go! -- Not much saved of this thread, making the title a very obvious lie. ... Position=1

Fangorn Glade of Puzzles III -- The first puzzle in this thread is just... :smiley14: ... Position=1

Squizzle Race Info Booth V- Moooovin on up -- Racing HQ ... Position=1

Fangopoly: Part the Second -- This looks kind of interesting! ... Position=1

Tree Twisting Riddles XXXI -- We are blessed with an abundance of old riddles! ... Position=1

Entish Blessings ~II~ -- A kind thread :) ... Position=1

Fangorns picture improvement society XXII -- Another caption contest without pictures. It's a fun bit of reverse engineering to try and guess what the pictures were. ... Position=1

Of Orcs and Moria II -- An RPG ... Position=1

The Greenhouse XIV>>>> FOR NEW ENTS & INTROS -- Same thing as before, just c/p for new newbies. Useful for newbie spotting, maybe? ... Position=1

Official Entmoot: Countdown to the Summerdays -- Ruler thread ... Position=1

"Quotations of Arda VII" -- VI wouldn't open, but VII did! ... Position=1

Barkalicious--Entish Pictures V -- There's still a couple of pictures lingering here, like cave paintings ... Position=1

Entmoot of the Departing Beech Shepherd -- The next Entmoot after the one above ... Position=1

Fangorn Dictionary Three/Nelde -- Another language thread, slowly expanding O.o ... Position=1

The Greenhouse XVIII: For New Ents & Intros -- Another newbie spotting location! ... Position=1

Changing History: A *Special* LDF RPG II -- Ooh, special! It must be, I spot @Elvheimdros in it! ... Position=1

Fangorn v. Shire cont... -- I guess this was before Drill? ... Position=1

Entish Birthdays IV (Aug. 30) -- Cool Varda icon makes an appearance here ... Position=1

Fangorn’s picture improvement society XXVII -- Another caption contest, a picture loads in this thread! ... Position=1

Keepers of the Lists XII (Lore Masters) -- In which we quiz one another ... Position=1

Mockingbird Mail -- Some pictures of birds, no mockingbirds though, unless my eyes deceive me. ... Position=1

Lithian River III -- @Oak Is the OakLeaf in this thread you? ... Position=1

Writer’s Woods V -- Some good creative stuff here! ... Position=1

August 11th Debate - Sign-Up Here... --What it says on the cover. ... Position=1

Entmoot of Many Hooms -- Ruler threads seem pretty good at loading. ... Position=1

IK-Round 3 Debate #1: Fan. vs. WC -- Oh boy, a complete debate thread! ... Position=1

Entwash Falls Medical Centre III -- The staff have a strict ranking system, what a shock ... Position=1

Un-Hasty Ent Trivia VI -- Gotta have a separate thread for this non-riddle stuff ... Position=1

The How-To Book: Entish Daily Life -- "There's only so many things a tree can do" choice quote from the thread ... Position=1

Kingdom Pages: At Long Last!! -- Every kingdom has them, except Imladris doing their own weird thing, apparENTly ... Position=1

DelikatENTsen -- The banner even survived in this thread! @Munchikinka nice one! ... Position=1

A New Season - AnciENT Wisdom sign-ups!! -- Debate signups ... Position=1

Treegarth HQ - Of 2 ˝ Shepherds -- A fascinating system, honestly ... Position=1

Okay at this point I'm realizing it would be much faster to compile a list of exceptions to threads that will open, since most of them do. So here's a link to the October capture of Fangorn: ... ForumID=45

The only threads on the above link that do NOT open are:
1) IC Entmoot Point: Part 3
2) The Greenhouse XXI
3) Glade of Trivia, Quotations, and Puzzles I (they finally decided to combine these)
4) Squizzel Race Info Boothe Ready for the Derby!!!
5) TreeGarth Signin Thread
6) Barkalicious - Entish Pictures VI
7) TreeGath Headquarters XXXIII - Of signing in (not my typo)
And then some more threads from the end of the year:

Fangorn Dictionary Four/Canta -- I'm glad these consistENTly open. ... Position=1

Entwash Falls Medical Centre XI -- The numbers climb so fast when you have a post limit per thread *sweats* ... Position=1

That's it for Fangorn 2003!

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Alright, onto the White Council threads. And this time I'm going to wise up (heh) and check all threads on the page first, to save time and space.

Alright, here's WC page, April 2003. Everything loads with the following exceptions listed below in ascending order: ... ForumID=34

1)The Wonderful Istari Survey.
2)The Moonlight Kareoke Bar again!
3)Trek into the Northern Wastes II
4)The Welcoming Center by the OoM
5)The end of SCRABBLE
6)Brand new diaries, thanks Xaz!
7)The White Council Pub - Home Sweet Home

Deconstructing Gandalf, the work begins.. -- A newer Gandalf icon in this thread! Also a generally super interesting thread. ... Position=1

The Fires of Industry -- This thread was long-running in WC/Isengard, and this is the earliest version I can find. ... Position=1

The Orthanc Cafe -- Like a pub, but not. ... Position=1

Another full capture, since all threads load, again with the following exceptions in ascending order: (And a special shoutout to @Ult and another complete debate thread preserved!) ... ForumID=34

1)Orthanc Therapy Clinic VIII
2)Round Table of Orthanc, Session XXXVI
3)OOM Welcoming Center VII
4)Riddle Nebula 45
5)Renegade’s Revenge RPG: Umbar
6)Journey to Valinor ll

Same deal, same format. It saves time but it feels bad to do it this way because I'm not listing thread names to catch your attention, and there's some SUPER interesting threads that open. Go check it out, I urge you! ... ForumID=34

1)Fires of Industry III
2)Istari Survey: Pictures III
3)Riddle Nebula 51
4)Orthanc Therapy Clinic XIV
5)~Picture Perfect Pub~

Another almost flawless loading page from December, I love it. Only three exceptions! ... ForumID=34

1)The Wizard of Oz...
2)Isengard Winter Diary, Part 7
3)Funny Talking Thanksgiving Pub (For whatever reason WC pubs refuse to load...)

That's all for 2003 Istari. An incredible amount if you go through individually!

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Let's do it.

A capture that loads with the following exceptions in ascending order, from February: ... ForumID=45

1)Interkingdom Race - Fangorn vs. Rivendell
2)Lithian River XV
3)Entish Birthdays VIII
4)Entmoot of the Stirring

Listing the re-listed half-lists -- Lanthir's named captured as Lanthy sneezed, hee hee! ... Position=1

6th Sleuth HQ_ Game goes ever on... -- A WS thread, has an intact banner, mostly intact letters, boards. ... Position=1

Fangorn vs The Shire I.K.W.S.L. -- The actual game thread (early sighting of Roh) ... Position=1

June 4th capture, everything loads with only two exceptions (there's another complete debate thread here, looks like, and Dictionary 6): ... ForumID=45

1)Glade of Trivia, Quotations, and Puzzles X
2)*July* T.V. Submissions - All Articles Welcomed

Literally every thread loads on the following capture, not much to say, it's August 5th: ... ForumID=45

I'm glad I chose to just list the captures because there are so few exceptions to the "does it load: yes" logic, in this case, just one. This is October 9th: ... ForumID=45

1)Do you Dare to ENTer again?

Squizzel Hunt 7! -- Thief hunt by a differENT name ... Position=1

Entish Crafting Guild: Of A New Beginning -- Thom Bombadil as Tom Bombadil special rank, I wonder if that inspired his name change away from Thom Greenleaf? ... Position=1

Writers’ Woods XI: Forest Impressions -- I'm amazed this is only on XI. ... Position=1

Forest Crier: On with the Announcements! -- I can't believe you didn't say AnnouncemENTS, @Mojo ... Position=1

Do you Dare to ENTer once again? -- How many times can I dare to ENTer? ... Position=1

Fangorn Fan Art Contest -- Some of the art survives! And it's amazing :D ... Position=1

Chasing the Huorns II (RPG) -- Pretty in-depth RPG for 2004 I'd say ... Position=1

Entish Catering Co. IV – A new beginning -- A new beginning has to be one of the most common thread words on the whole plaza. ... Position=1

AG: R.O.S.E Here we go again, again -- I guess this what you say when you arENT having a new beginning. ... Position=1

That's about it, there are some very late December threads that go into 2005, but I'll put them in that post since they are majority 2005 posts.

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Back to the White Council

A capture from February 18th, everything loads with the four exceptions in ascending order: ... ForumID=34

1)Isengard Survivor Diary, Part 9
2)The Round Table of Orthanc, Session XLIX
3)Isengard Carnival Diary, Part 10
4)Riddle Nebula 61

ISENGARD’S HERALDRY AND GENEALOGY DEP. - N°5!! -- You can find some of the previous threads on the full page captures. Bit of a weird out of place idea, but fun. ... Position=1

The Storyteller’s Festival: Closing Ceremonies -- Wedgie sighting! in the Pallando (scr?) face! ... Position=1

StarQuality Robes Ltd., Yet Another Stitch -- First time I noticed Trillian, she later will be Saruman when I was a newbie. ... Position=1

Fires of Industry VII -- Strictly Tolkien themed, it says in the banner. Hmmmmm ... Position=1

Orthanc Therapy Clinic XXIV -- Wormtongue running a therapy clinic is pretty funny. ... Position=1

RPG: The Night Mage - Chapter One VIII -- Must have been a pain, trying to run RPGs like this when you're always having to start new threads. ... Position=1

MM&PP; 26 - Onwards to Shine -- Some creative stuff in here! ... Position=1

Elen Editor’s Office XVII: New editors -- I never really understood the newspapers for kingdoms, even though I participated in them. ... Position=1

A capture on June 4th where everything loads except for one thread! Not bad: ... ForumID=34

Orthanc Library (IBIDEMS XXIX)

Capture on August 5th, everything loads if you're willing to wait several seconds for some of them: ... ForumID=34

Pretty hit or miss here, but the majority still load, so I compiled the exceptions for the sake of time. To be fair this is partially because for whatever reason the Olympic threads just will not load. This is the White Council on October 12th: ... ForumID=34

1)Olympic Banner Contest!
2)Practice Debate: WC vs. Lorien
3)StarQuality - Halloween Edition
4)Olympic Planning - HH, VV, TG, UPC, SS
5)Olympic Planning - BBB, SD, BB, DMD
6)Wizard Jeopardy, Play On!
7)White Council Court: the Trial of Eowyn
8)Orthanc Almanac ( Dear Diary )
9)Istari Illuminators Guild- A New Time of Change

Handy! - Picture Thread VII -- No pictures I could see in this picture thread, but for the record: ... Position=1

MM&PP; XXVIII: The Anthology -- I'm glad for every one of these that loads, so much original work. ... Position=1

Page 2 of the Diary -- Orthanc Diaries ... Position=1

Wizardly Words Of Wisdom -- Cool Nienna icon on display here. Fun little thread too. ... Position=1

Servants of the Secret Fire -- Awesome thread! I gotta remember this one, so I'm bolding this text for myself. ... Position=1

The II Plaza Olympiad - Dark Games -- Holy moly, is this an actual Olympics thread that loaded? It's a tiny miracle! ... Position=1

The Rooms of Orthanc 3 -- "Have fun but do not damage the tower, not that you could." haha I love it ... Position=1

OASM: Grand Opening -- I guess Tolkien themed just means IC, since the OASM is uh, questionably canon AT BEST: ... Position=1

That's it for 2004. I think fewer threads load near the end of the year because they did an archiving at New Year's ish? So there was less time to capture the threads. Still, 2004 is a good year for threads loading. :smiley22:

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Not many captures in 2005 for Fangorn, so this list might be short.

Mockingbird Mail XI -- More bird pictures! ... Position=1

Squizzel Hunt 8! -- It feels so early 2000's to say squizzel hahah ... Position=1

GOK III: Forest litigation and judgemENT! -- Court cases were apparENTly a thing ... Position=1

Bringer of Fire RPG II -- Cool RPG idea ... Position=1

Squizzle Racing Booth ~ A New Season Approaches... -- Just the headquarters ... Position=1

EAS ~ Entish Acting Society -- pretty Luthien icon in this thread, and Dimhold ... Position=1

Fangorn Picture ImprovemENT Society II -- A caption contest with a preserved picture, hooray! ... Position=1

Healing Grove XVII of Hrive -- Beechbone is in here ... Position=1

Forest Crier: Spring is almost here! -- Announcement thread, so a lot of nifty icons here ... Position=1

Squizzle Racing Booth - Week VII! ~ All Please! -- Another racing HQ *yawn* ... Position=1

Updating the KPs - Submissions In! -- This is its own compilation, which is always nice ... Position=1

Listing the List, Compiling it once -- Think this is related to the above ... Position=1

ALL TG & Timo Please ~And Friends! -- A training RPG ... Position=1

A capture from March 2005, everything loads with the following noted exceptions: ... ForumID=45

1)Keepers of the List XXVII - Book Discussion is HERE
2)Greenhouse LXVI: For Entings and Visitors

Keepers of the List XXIX--The Hobbit, Part III -- These threads are from the end of the year, ish ... Position=1

Glade of Trivia, Quotations and Fire XX -- Puzzle thread, pretty broad ... Position=1

Barkalicious XXV - Beauty Barks -- A decent number of photos stil load, pretty impressive ... Position=1

MockingPost Delayed! -- I think the name means the thread was just posted late, not sure ... Position=1

Rooted or Leafing: Back to School! -- It says @Mojo 's rank here is Yoda, but it looks like Fimbrethil, guessing Halloween title but the icon didn't load since the capture is from December. ... Position=1

That's it for 2005, as I suspected, not much unfortunately.

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The White Council is now called Isengard, for the year is:

Coa Ingoleva Discussion Hall IX -- Pretty cool stuff, one of the best things to come out of Isengard. ... Position=1

Orthanc Library (IBIDEMS XXXIII) -- Already the population of Isengard has become small, you can tell from this thread ... Position=1

Wizzie Rat Racing: Tada Two Da -- Interesting time table preserved here. ... Position=1

The Riddle Nebula 77 -- Thank goodness they weren't doing Roman numerals. ... Position=1

Archery Competition -- Oh, hey, some inspiration for my posts in the current one in Imladris. ... Position=1

Moonlight Karaoke Lounge IV -- Some great stuff in here hahaha ... Position=1

IK Debates Round 2: Meduseld v Isengard -- A complete debate thread! Mojo judging! Feanor and Lorien icons! So cool! ... Position=1

Orthanc Library (IBIDEMS XXXIII) -- This was technically started in 2004, but most posts are 2005 ... Position=1

Order of Anor Welcoming Centre 28 -- Early Daywalker sighting (though he joined in 2004). Also, someone named themselves Frick. Ahead of their time. ... Position=1

The Orthanc Observatory -- This looks like somehow only part of the thread was preserved. Not sure, the first post sure doesn't look like a first post though. ... Position=1

JRRT Isengard Winter Repositioning Cruise (III) -- A super serious RPG. I guess? ... Position=1

Wizard Histories -- Interesting stuff there ... Position=1

Istari 'Art' Exposition & Competition II -- Fun thread, highly recommend! ... Position=1

Order of Anor Welcoming Centre 29 -- @FireroseArien appears here, also an Ugluk scr ... Position=1

Recruitment Office II -- A couple of Harry Potter related icons in this thread. ... Position=1

Homewards Bound - Training RPG -- Simon and Garfunkel? ... Position=1

StarQuality Designs -- Was that really the Radagast icon? He looks like a Ranger or something. ... Position=1

Debate Team HQ - Off-season Recruiting -- Cool One Ring icon @Túrin had there. ... Position=1

Wizzie Rat Racing - Almost there! -- There were a lot of different Gandalf and Saruman icons over the years... ... Position=1

Istaquenta Office (Magic of the Istari) -- This was soooo complicated. ... Position=1

Training RPG Sign Ups -- The sign up thread for Homewards Bound above ... Position=1

Istaquenta Office II (Magic of the Istari) -- The sequel to the first office. I see from this thread that what was listed as Radagast in the earlier thread was actually Trillian as Sirius Black, so that makes way more sense. ... Position=1

OUCH - Medical Clinic -- Love this name! ... Position=1

OASM of Familiar Faces -- Wish more of the art still loaded ... Position=1

Well, that appears to be it. Not as much loads as you get into 2005 and onward. Feels bad. :smiley13:

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As the end of the old old plaza approaches on December 31st, 2006, fewer and fewer threads load.
Fangorn, 2006

On the first capture, not a single thread loaded. But on the second capture, in late April, every thread loaded, although I admit to not checking every single page of the threads: ... ForumID=45

And that's it. For the whole year, only the threads on that one page will load.

For Isengard, 2006

’Hai!’ (uMBaR PUb) -- @Gwai makes a brief appearance here ... position=1

It seems like a joke, but it's not. It's the only thread I could get to load from Isengard for the whole year.

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The new old plaza
Fangorn, 2007

Fangorn PoENTS: Anywhere’s PoENTIC -- I could only get the last page of this thread to load, and that through the roundabout way of clicking on the last post button. @Quill has a mismatch icon and rank here. ... 46#6185646

[VLT] What is VLT? [OF] -- ValENTines Takeover, I think? ... TID=214720

Four in a Row [OF] -- One of the many threads that hilariously preserves the juxtaposition of Khamul with QueenODuckingham. ... TID=214120

[VLT] When the leaves start whispering [OF] -- This thing was archived at like 4 posts in. ... TID=214756

Tavern of Orofarnë’s Three Sequoias II -- Only the first page loads. ... TID=211044

Woodland Wanderings II -- @Fairy Nuff with the Mushu appearance here. ... TID=211046

Forest Mysteries, Riddle me this! [OF] -- Only the last page loaded, again round-aboutly. I wonder what the answer to @Nessila 's riddle was, nobody guesses it in the thread. ... 46#6194346

IK Racing Wk 6: Fangorn vs. Lothlórien -- Not a complete, finished race. ... TID=214909

TV Editors Desk January/February -- Forget newspapers, we've got TV! ... TID=212851

Fangorn's KPs ~ Spring Cleaning!! ~ ALL -- Cleaning up the kingdom pages. Tbh I don't remember ever using them. ... TID=213540

Entmoot of the Minyátaurë -- Only the last page loads ... 46#6193146

Member Survey (all Ents please) -- No real reason to list this other than boredom, since the answers were emailed, not posted in-thread. ... TID=214036

Cackling Leaves Call... Caradoc! & Lanthy! -- Thread title was temporary, just a thanks thread. Cool Vana icon near the bottom. ... TID=216890

Cream the Clown! -- Really weird, only the 3rd page loads, of 5: ... 21952&PN=3

Toots Tavern of Autumn Leaves -- A pub thread featuring @Balfur and @Queen Nerwen . ... TID=222193

Forest Mysteries: Measure Your IntelligENTs -- Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback Halloween icon shows up here. ... TID=223089

Burning out the Thieves -- A thief hunt thread. I suppose I should mention there are many Halloween icons running around, including Barney and the Terminator ... TID=223334

Who has the Greatest Flame? -- A character survival but there's only like 5 posts. ... TID=223455

KP Creativity! | Undying Lands -- Another really cut short thread. ... TID=222938

Do You Dare to ENTer... ? -- An old favorENT ... TID=223309

The Greenhouse -- Newbie thread ... TID=223294

Dragonskeep -- I think this is the Halloween ruler thread ... TID=223292

That's all I could find.

Istari Sage
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The Chronicles of Nan Curunir -- Free RP, most of the art or maps or whatever don't load. ... TID=218093

Old Angren Market - Tales Old & New -- Only the first page loads ... TID=212944

Tower of Games -- Okay I admit I didn't check all 12 pages, but the last page loads and the first page does not. ... 3169&PN=12

Interkingdom Recruitment and Help -- A combined HQ for like all the IK stuff ... TID=215815

The Western Beach II -- Like the current Ringwraith Review, but in Isengard. Only page 1 loads. ... TID=222074

Pub of Pumpkins and Ghosts -- There's a weird Kermit icon in that thread ... TID=222571

The One Ring Quest II -- Not an RPG like I thought, but a team competition ... TID=222443

Istari Contact Info -- Pretty pointless thread, so of course it's the one to get archived. ... TID=222520

Guess Who? -- A who am I thread where each person participating has their own answer. ... TID=223564

OASM - Haunted Market -- Theodred special rank in there. ... TID=223252

Alright, that looks to be it for 2007.

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@Mojo Forgot to tag you on the Do You Dare to ENTer thread that opens in 2007, it's near the bottom of my 2007 Fangorn thread post, since you were asking about it. The rules are in the OP, but whatever was pre-planned by the threadrunner is presumably only attainable through them in person.

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Hahahahahahahaha I just read my old riddle and I have no idea what the answer would be. I'm so crafty. And I do not remember changing my name to PrincessODuckingham but I like it 🤪

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You don't remember that name change? It was a whole to-do! You were an early adopter along with @Landy , but there ended up being like Queen, Prince, Princess, Jester, Goddess and more, all ODuckinghams at the same time (along with me of course). Good times!

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Found this "Build Your Entish Character" thread that @Nia ran. Might be something fun to bring back if people are looking to develop their characters -> ... TID=236427
Fangorn Forever

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I really think I'm suffering a form of amnesia when it comes to the old plaza days; no recollection of that thread whatsoever! But that seems like a pretty good idea to give people a starter for ten in character development. Probably most of all for me, who has currently shied away from RP threads entirely (outside of being a slightly bonkers squirrel for one post only).

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Well, back to the grind.
Fangorn 2008

IK Racing League: Wk 3; Fangorn vs Valinor -- A rare tie! @Lirimaer 's Gwaihir icon unfortunately doesn't load here. ... TID=225169

Leaves Celebrate Goth Flowers -- For some reason it feels like I've already posted this, but I guess not. Mojo's 22nd birthday on celebration here! ... TID=224661

Squizzle Racing Booth of Hazy Shades of Winter -- Spreadsheet! ... TID=224836

The Huorn MEM [OF] -- A maze thread @Frostbite is that you as Frost. or some other icy person? ... TID=225373

LOOKIE----Our Boy Is Growing UP!!!!! -- A Reeg appreciation thread :smiley8: ... TID=226007

Fangorn's Golden Oakie [OF threads!] -- Just a trib thread ... TID=225469

IK Racing Week I - Fangorn Vs. Valinor -- This thread got cut short, real short ... TID=226954

101 Lassemista Lane ~ Addresses Anyone? -- Not IRL addresses, but in character Fangorn addresses. The things that get archived, I say... ... TID=226783

Woah, look at that face of yours! -- A very short SCR thread that doesn't have the SCR icons saved. ... TID=227168

Pictionary -- @Fairy Nuff with the super pretty Luthien ATR in this thread! ... TID=227340

Aaaand that's all I can get for Fangorn from 2008. Not much, but I guess still better than nothing. :(

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Isengard 2008

IK Racing:: Isengard vs Lothlórien Wk 3 -- Why are all these boring racing threads the ones that survive? No offense if you just love re-reading old races of course but they are kind of a snooze fest for me. Of all the things... ... TID=225177

IK Racing - The Race of Losers -- KD vs Isengard, but I was actually in KD at the time, like I am at the time of this post, briefly. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Really small thread. ... TID=226113

The Western Beach 3 -- Sequel to the earlier thread from 2007. ... TID=226234 ... 78#6762878 page 5

[Pub] Mad As A March Hare - Casino & Bar -- Haha get it because it was March 3rd ... TID=225844

An Inn for Orthanc (call for constuctors) -- Only the last page loads. Just a few posts. ... 47#6720047

The Palantir (show off your pictures!) -- @Sovielus and @Dincairwen both have surviving photos in this thread. ... TID=227977

IK WS Week 1 ~ Isengard vs. Minas Tirith -- Unfortunately not the whole game survives. ... TID=229027

Isengard Pub: A Midsummer's Night -- Finally caught an open thread where @Sil is wearing the name "narv can lift a bus" ... TID=228060

Where's Gríma now? -- Kind of like a who am I, but where am I instead. And the I is Grima. ... TID=229033

And just like that, everything from Isengard for the year appears to have loaded. Yowza.

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Only two captures per kingdom in 2009, I can probably fit both kingdoms into one post here:

No Limit Entish Hold'em -- Poker as a thread? Not sure. My name is here but I never seem to have posted, not sure what to make of that either. ... TID=231263

That's the sum of the activity for Fangorn for the year, couldn't get anything else to open.

Isengard, 2009

Rooms of Orthanc | Registrations, OoC & Planning -- A heckin' big tower for how few wizards stayed in there. ... TID=231147

The Pub of (Broken) Hearts -- Bit of a depressing pub title I have to say lol ... TID=231402

Wow, two whole threads instead of one, amazing!

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I would be remiss if I did not post links to the subforum for each kingdom as well:

Fangorn, Willow-mead of Tasarinan
Everything loads with some exceptions listed below: ... -tasarinan

The Healing Grove: All Please
Flower Power (Pub OOC)
Wedding OOC
Poetry Plotting of a New Season

Isengard, Nan Curunir:
Everything loads with some exceptions listed below: ... an-curunir

Destiny's Way RPG Planning and OOC Thread
Aisils Awesome Accommodation
Isengard Community Center (this was originally in the main forum anyway, I think it showing up here might be a bug tbh)

Black Númenórean
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Oh wow! That is me in the Maze! Apparently I attained the Glaurung icon at some point? Nice! Excellent digging Ducky
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KingODuckingham wrote: Sat Jun 27, 2020 9:45 pm
Toots Tavern of Autumn Leaves -- A pub thread featuring @Balfur and @Queen Nerwen . ... TID=222193
Lovely to see what I was up to in 2007. Young, bright-eyed and rather frisky, apparently. Poor Fingolfin getting dragged in a weird discussion about horses and ponies, while some royal dwarfette was snuggling in my beard? :smiley14:
Thanks for the memories (and the cringe), @KingODuckingham!
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@KingODuckingham Yep that's me just after I sprouted.
Huorn of Fangorn

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The lovely @Dimcairien Luiniel posted this one in Rohan and I'm forwarding it here since its Fangorn:
Woodland Wanderings IV ... TID=236348 - Dec 2009 to June 2010 on page 1 and page 2 works

I haven't mentioned it, but I have looked at this thread before and its really great work, Ducky! Thank you.

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Here are the old Fangorn icons I found.

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

1. Sapling 2. Enting 3. Ent Youth 4. Tree 5. Huorn 6. Ent 7. Ent Elder 8. Ent High Elder

And one burning Fangorn tree.

Artanis / Éomund / Brandor / Zarâm

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And the old Wizard icons.

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

1. Istari Initiate 2. Istari Apprentice 3. Istari Adept 4. Istari Master 5. Istari Potentate 6. Istari Elder 7. Istari Counsellor 8. White Counsellor
Artanis / Éomund / Brandor / Zarâm

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It occurred to me after stumbling upon KD's kingdom pages to list links to them for each kingdom that I could find (if it hadn't already been done). Fangorn's was easy as there was a thread I linked above that you can follow. I then pushed it as far forward as it would go, which is to say late 2005: ... ts/kps.asp

All the links work except the map doesn't actually load (as don't most of the faces), and the Fangorn's Tree Voice link is dead. I did not click through the issues of the newsletter but I'd be willing to bet they are preserved, if anyone wants to read up on Fangy news from late 2002 through mid 2005.

For Isengard I had to go through the backdoor, as it were, of the archive archives into the kingdom only subforum, which led to a specific kingdom page from which I then backed out onto the main index. And let me tell you, the Isengard KP's are insanely large and spider-webby. There are interviews, pages upon pages of inside jokes from like late 2002, a page of wizardly wisdom that's basically all Gandalf quotes (duh), list of rulers, list of members, lists of icons, a library dedicated to lore, the Istaquenta, pages dedicated to basically every original thread ever made (through 2005), the newsletter, and then...the specialty pages. Starting with the Wedgie Dance.

Not all of it loads, but that's because there's a metric ton of stuff. Plenty still does. I guess if you weren't a wizard at any point it's not as interesting, but who knows. Here it is: ... x/menu.htm

Edit: This is a bit presumptuous, I suppose, but if anyone wants to read my wizard (and personal) profile you can see it here, and find out Ducky's backstory (fun!) as well as what I was doing in life at age 19 (less fun!) Sov's doesn't load, neither does Ult's or Pallador's, and ShEru doesn't appear to have one unless it's under a name I don't recognize, so I'm the only nuplaza wizard whose page survives. I think. ... ingham.asp

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You know all the KPs are accessible from the main plaza page on OP via the Kingdom list pages, right? Your backdoor is a little longwinded!!

@istarimoneta's loads. Also Eldar King was @Túrin and his loads! ;)
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But that "Yellow on white" is just so painful to read. I hope that's an effect of the way back machine and not something that the WC rulers consciously selected!
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Um echoing what @Túrin says about the blindingness - I just legit read through the whole thing thinking I would be FINE reading yellow on white (my mistake I guess) and now I am seeing other colors all weird. Thank you @KingODuckingham :googly: :lol:
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:lol: Yeah, definitely need to highlight to read that, @Tarawen.
What, she killed them with mathematics. What else could it have been? - Jayne Cobb

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I dearly wish I had not overlooked that critical step ... :lol:
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@Curunder 's also (half) loads, but I didn't bother with people who haven't been active. Didn't recognize Turin, sorry! I should have known how easy it was to see the KP's though, kind of defeats the point of linking them tbh, whoops.

I -think- the yellow on white is an archive thing, but tbh it was the 2000's internet we're talking here, anything is possible.

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A wild Peep Peep appears, to wreak peeping havoc among the archives in search of eggs. But, finding an egg, she spares the thread her avian fury and flies away again. It wouldn't do to anger the Ents, after all. They make such nice perches after ferrying wizards and dwarves and hobbits here and there and back again.

PEEP PEEP @Call of Bearthulhu
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Fleeg hated forests. He was sure that Peep Peep was here wandering and creeping like a creepy eagle that creeped. Fleeg was tired, he was in a strange forest, give him a break. No, he doesn't deserve it, but there it is. Oh look! Another egg! (mwhahahahaha, @Menolly)
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