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For Fangorn is old, old even as the Elves would reckon it.
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Welcome one and all to Fangorn's character submissions. Please, feel to use this thread as a place to store profiles for your Ents, Huorns, and Wanderers in the Oldest Wood. Below you'll find a sample structure to help you fill out your character -- feel free to use it or make your own, being as detailed as you desire.

Wakefulness (for Treeish Types):
Pets, Mosses, Growths, or Nesting Friends:

Feel free to include an image representing your character with your submission (and, on that topic, if anyone has a good header for this thread please shoot it to me and I'll plug it into this post -- tag me in Fangorn Forever or message me here / on discord, whatever your preference).
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Thanks, Androthelm! Ok - here goes.

Name: Lalornthross or Elmwhisper
Age: Too many seasons to count, but he is not counted among the oldest nor wisest Ents
Location: Fangorn Forest
Appearance: He is tall and slender, with dark skin that is smooth and unweathered by time. His eyes are bright green framed by a head of short hair that is somewhere between dark green and dark brown with gold flecks in it.
Wakefulness (for Treeish Types): Wakeful but sometimes he falls asleep in a nice spot of sun...
Personality and Interests: He is quiet and enjoys listening and observing, especially the woods around him. He has often lost himself in the joy of feeling the rain on his skin or watching birds spring to life from egg to fledgling to adult or squirrels caching their nuts for winter. These creatures are very hasty and small, but they fill his heart with joy and he has watched many generations of kevlar grow and thrive through his life.
He is resilient, but gentle, and does not like loud noises or surprises.
Pets, Mosses, Growths, or Nesting Friends: Elmwhisper would not consider any creatures as pets, but they would all be considered friends.
History: He resided in a forest where he looked after his herd until they all sadly died and he made his way to Fangorn Forest. Though he is averse to conflict, he was roused from his normally placid attitude when the Ents marched on Isengard.
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Oh, and since I never posted a character myself...

Name: Quagomar (Crowhome)
Age: Ancient. A sturdy, oakish ent.
Location: Making his slow way toward the Treegarth of Orthanc.
Appearance: A tallish and oakish ent, with long gnarled arms and fingers, and bird-nests in his hair.
Personality: Soft-spoken, but friendly enough, particularly to the birds who roost.
Wakefulness (for Treeish Types): Fully wakeful, though nonetheless slow to action. He takes as direct a hand as a tree-herd may in the guardianship of his flock.
Interests: Birds, oaks.
Pets, Mosses, Growths, or Nesting Friends: There is a murder of crows who have nested in his shoulders and along his head. No matter where he should move, they tend to find him.
History: Quagomar remembers the days when the wood stretched forever, and came long ago over the Misty Mountains following Fangorn and Fimbrethil. Now he moves again, to the Treegarth of Orthanc with his flock.
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