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The Terrible Toy Workshoppe {Halloween Game}

Posted: Thu Oct 01, 2020 6:06 am
by Galadrihell

The Terrible Toy Workshoppe

It’s not long until Christmas-time, and all the folks of Hallowe’en Town are getting ready for the big day: you included! You’ve seen Skeleton Jack’s plans for adapting Christmas and you have some wonderful ideas of your own...

RP coming into the hall and volunteering your aid, and you will be given a task! But of course, it’s your duty to spooky it up in some way. A teddy bear? It’s no good all soft and fluffy! You’d have to replace its paws with razor blades. There, much better.

Once you have been given your “gift”, RP what you do to it to make it spooky and present it back to Jack! Jack will award you Spooky Points for what he thinks is the best adaptation and set you another task.

- RP as anyone, except Jack
- Don’t godmode
- Keep it PG13 friendly. No replacing or adapting gifts to make them TOO (obviously) adult


Zero: 6
Naureth: 2
Dwimmerlaik: 5
Tyrion: 7
Minu: 1

Re: The Terrible Toy Workshoppe {Halloween Game}

Posted: Thu Oct 01, 2020 12:55 pm
by Yávië
Zero whooshed into the workshoppe after Jack, billowing excitedly. A whole room just for making toys! Fetch toys and ball toys and squeaky toys and tug-of-war toys! He doubted they could make anything to surpass the very best of toys, the Toy of Toys--Jack's own rib bone--but he would do his best for all the other poor ghosties who weren't in such a convenient situation. He made a happy flip and nudged insistently at his master, pumpkin nose alight. "I can help! I can help! I can help!" he barked. "C'mon, what can I do?"

OOC: *valiantly resisting the urge to post in all white*

Re: The Terrible Toy Workshoppe {Halloween Game}

Posted: Thu Oct 01, 2020 8:26 pm
by Galadrihell

“Hey boy! It’s good to see you!”

Jack scritched Zero’s insubstantial ears fondly and carefully as his beloved dog floated enthusiastically beside him. “I have a special task for you, buster! Here is a SKIPPING ROPE - what dyou think you can do with this?”

why thank you ahahaha

Re: The Terrible Toy Workshoppe {Halloween Game}

Posted: Thu Oct 01, 2020 8:57 pm
by Lirimaer
Image Minu, former Shadowdancer slave, Actor

When she wasn't on stage, Minu had little to do, so when the new workshoppe opened, she went in to have a nose around. Finding herself encouraged to help out, she nodded an affirmative and waited to see what sort of work this would entail. She also took some time out to wonder if there was any payment, but couldn't find any mention of it in the paraphernalia. Ah well, she was working on a different revenue stream anyway now.

Re: The Terrible Toy Workshoppe {Halloween Game}

Posted: Fri Oct 02, 2020 7:13 pm
by Galadrihell

“Ah, a new helper!” Jack exclaimed brightly at the sight of the veiled woman - strangely unfamiliar to him, but no matter; everyone was welcome at the Great Endeavour. “Perhaps you could do something with this? It needs to be made into a gift!”

He handed her a CROCHET SET.

Re: The Terrible Toy Workshoppe {Halloween Game}

Posted: Fri Oct 02, 2020 8:23 pm
by Giliathriel
Naureth, assassin

Naureth entered the workshop, in awe of how many parts there were to pick from. She'd never seen this many toys in one room in her whole life! Though, to be fair, she'd been given knives as a child instead of dolls. "I'd like to help, what do you need me to do?"

Re: The Terrible Toy Workshoppe {Halloween Game}

Posted: Sat Oct 03, 2020 1:10 pm
by Drifa

Here I am! A dwarf, who are renown for toy making. And bonus, a stunted, twisted, ugly dwarf, a perfect fit for Hallowe’en Town. I am a princeling, and not a laborer. Yet I am willing to lend a hand. I have a penchant for dragons, wine, books and women, though, not necessarily in that order. Let us see what my sharp mind can contrive.

Re: The Terrible Toy Workshoppe {Halloween Game}

Posted: Sat Oct 03, 2020 3:10 pm
by Dwim
Dwimmerlaik was the taller, alternate universe version of Dwim, and a great appreciator of all things creepy and spooky. The one thing that wasn't spooky though was Christmas toys. With a little bit of encouragement from Oogie Boogie, he'd agreed to helping Jack spooky things up a bit by modifying some of the toys into things a little more sinister.

"Hi there, Jack," he said quietly upon entry to the workshop. "What toys do you have here that I can mess up?"

Re: The Terrible Toy Workshoppe {Halloween Game}

Posted: Sat Oct 03, 2020 3:28 pm
by Yávië
A rope! Zero chomped down on one end and yanked hard, prepared to tug and float away with all his might! The rope dropped and trailed after him easily. Jack had let go! The ghost dog stared at his master with wide black eyes brimming with betrayal. Long moments passed before the realization came to him--it wasn't *his* toy! He was supposed to be fixing it. This was it! The job, the task, the moment! Zero was not such an ordinary dog as to only play with toys, he would make them! "Woof! Rooowooof!"

He dragged his prize off into a corner and began the painful business of tying experimental knots with his long snout and not-quite-paws. Eventually, with much frustrated growling, he managed to form a loop at each end of the skipping rope and coil and knot the tag end around and around below them. A Double-ended Hangdog's Noose, and still plenty long enough for jumping over.

The new toy was presented proudly to Jack with a flourish and much self-congratulatory spinning. "I did it! I did it! What next? Arooof! Arf!"

Re: The Terrible Toy Workshoppe {Halloween Game}

Posted: Sat Oct 03, 2020 6:56 pm
by Galadrihell
Jack rubbed his skeletal hands together in delight. How many wonderful helpers were joining him! Truly, this was the second best idea that he’d ever had! (Don’t ask about the first.)

“Naureth!” he said enthusiastically, although he’d failed to find her name on the list. “What can you do with this SET OF CANDLES?” @Sparky Boy

Next up was an imperious shorter fellow who looked very cunning indeed. “Why, for you, my friend, I think I’ll ask you to transform this TOY CASTLE!” @Tyrion Lannister

And as for @Dwimmerlaik: “I’ve just the thing you can help me with: it’s a SEQUINNED UNICORN RUCKSACK!”

Faithful Zero had already completed his task and was rewarded with more scritches. “You’re the best boi! Yes you are!” Jack told him lovingly. “What can you do with this BALL?” @Yávië

Re: The Terrible Toy Workshoppe {Halloween Game}

Posted: Sun Oct 04, 2020 3:45 am
by Dwim
"A sequinned unicorn rucksack?" Dwimmerlaik wondered. Why, that looked like just the kind of thing that he could prank innocent little girls with. How could they resist the brightly coloured sequins and the fantastical unicorn horn. Why, this was just too easy.

He briefly left the workshop with the rucksack and entered a cave, gathering up the things he needed to turn this into a truly spooky present. When he returned, he fiddled around for a bit in the corner of the workshop with his back turned to everyone. Then finally, he returned to the centre of the workshop with a grin on his face, holding the rucksack out proudly.

"Mr. Skellington, I present to you... the Batpack!"

With a laugh, he opened the brightly coloured and harmless looking unicorn pack. And from out of it, all of a sudden, rushed a cloud of aggressive little microbats screeching like no one could have imagined, looking for little girls to bite.

Re: The Terrible Toy Workshoppe {Halloween Game}

Posted: Sun Oct 04, 2020 7:26 pm
by Giliathriel

This shop was exactly her kind of place. She grinned wickedly at the skeletal king, accepting the candles. "I can do wonderful things with this, watch and see."

She strode over to a work table, considering her options. The most obvious was that fire was painful and could easily spread, causing mass chaos if done properly. The problem was that children weren't often allowed matches. So how to get matches to a child without it being obvious? Or, could she trick an adult into lighting the candles for the child? Yes, that she could do. She rummaged around various bins, collecting the items she would need, including a bit of gunpowder. She melted the candles down, adding some gunpowder to the inside and along the wick. Not enough for a large explosion, but large enough to spread some flames once lit. Then she found a pretty plastic Mermaid toy and fashioned candle holders out of each hand. She hurried back to Jack, eager to show off her creation.

"Jack, behold! An exploding nightlight!" She quickly described its function, not wanting to actually set off the candles inside the workshop.

Re: The Terrible Toy Workshoppe {Halloween Game}

Posted: Mon Oct 05, 2020 1:54 pm
by Drifa

Tyrion assembled his creation behind a cloak and dagger screen, not willing to let anyone see his secrets.
"May I present to you, Sur Skellington, The Peek-a-BOO Castle.
This castle is constructed with many windows, big enough for a child to peek in with an eye. The lights from the windows draw children closer to look in. When they get close enough, their eye about to peek, a holographic character appears, screaming in a most delicious way.
"Peek-a BOO! I'll eat you!!"

This frightens the children quite wonderfully. Of course there are different holographs in different windows; werewolves with flesh between their teeth; rats gnawing on a human nose, vampire bats, blood dripping from their fangs, and more, hahaha. A delightful toy, if I may say so myself."

Re: The Terrible Toy Workshoppe {Halloween Game}

Posted: Mon Oct 05, 2020 10:25 pm
by Taethowen
Sally sighed as she stepped inside the Toy Workshop. She really, really did not have a good feeling about this, but she wasn't sure what else to do right then. The best way to get Jack to see reason was to stick around him, and so she would help with the toys. Sally glanced around the room with a bit of surprise, though. There were more here than she expected, and some of them did not seem to belong in Halloweentown at all.

"Jack!" she called and waved shyly. "What would you like me to do?"

Re: The Terrible Toy Workshoppe {Halloween Game}

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2020 7:25 pm
by Galadrihell
“This is all so splendid!” said Jack, enraptured by the Batpack, the Exploding Nightlight and the Peekaboo Castle. Who wouldn’t be delighted by such gifts? He was already mentally assigning them to Good Children (scores will be posted at some point). “But there’s more work to do, of course!

@Dwimmerlaik, what can you do with this SET OF SKITTLES?

Lord @Tyrion Lannister, perhaps you could redesign this SILVER NECKLACE?

And as for you, my dear @Sally, how wonderful to see you! Of course you’re the right person to figure out what to do with this JIGSAW!”

Re: The Terrible Toy Workshoppe {Halloween Game}

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2020 2:13 pm
by Drifa
Behind his cloak and dagger screen, Tyrion sips his wine, finishing his new invention, whilst listening to the sound of building and voices going on behind him.
'Small toys, do they bite? Do they snap? Or explode in a sack? '

Sur Skellington! Here is, The 'Ouch!' Necklace - This beautiful silver chain, that glows like a summer day, has small tiny pendants shaped into waving hands which makes children instantly want to put in around their necks, then go out to play. But once the necklace is around their necks, it begins to play its trick. It begins to tarnish and rust. The small fingers on the hands begin to relentlessly and cruelly pinch while the necklace itself, begins to shrink around the child's neck - shrinking enough that a child can still breath, but not take it off. It can torture a child for up to an hour this way (isn't that wonderful?!), pinching constantly making the child cry out, 'Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!', before it expands and allows the child a reprieve. A wonderful toy for any girl or boy.

Re: The Terrible Toy Workshoppe {Halloween Game}

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2020 2:26 pm
by Yávië
Zero took off with the ball in his mouth, tossing it into the air and nosing it around joyfully for a while in his own private game of soccer. He darts left! He darts right! He winds between table legs, dodging monsters, and he's off! He has a clear field and--almost there--whoooooooosh! He scores! He drove the ball into a corner and did a celebratory loop-de-loop.

But enough! There was work to do. He was a dog with a task! A sort of

It took a bit of doing, but Zero stole the eyeballs and eyelids from several dolls that were scattered around the workshoppe and carefully fitted a dozen of them into the ball he had been given by Jack. The trick was in the blinking lids. Holding the brush he carefully painted over the whole thing so that it was one color until--BOO! An eyelid blinked open and suddenly the ball was staring at you. After a moment's consideration, he found some red paint and added several bloody touches.

Ta-da! Zero's Patented Bloody EyesBALL.

Re: The Terrible Toy Workshoppe {Halloween Game}

Posted: Fri Oct 09, 2020 10:00 pm
by Galadrihell
Everything was going marvellously, Jack thought. So spooky and fantastic!

“Lord @Tyrion Lannister, this is wonderful! Could you make this LEATHER WALLET into an equally suitable gift?

My Good Boy Zero @Yávië, you never disappoint! Here is a FRISBEE for you to work your magic on!”

Re: The Terrible Toy Workshoppe {Halloween Game}

Posted: Sat Oct 10, 2020 1:04 pm
by Drifa
Another creating by Tyrion Lannnister made behind his cloak and dagger screen. He presents it to Skellington king.

The dwarf had folded the wallet shut and neatly tucked it into a small box, putting the lid on quickly and fastening the box up with tight string. Of course this was just a precaution. The moon would not be full until the rare Halloween Blue Moon appeared in the sky on Allhalloween. But one could never be too cautious was his motto when it came to things that could kill you.

Made from genuine werewolf skin (Tyrion had spent many a wary moment looking over his shoulder to make sure that the werewolf with the patch of skin missing hadn't discovered its whereabouts), this wallet is a hoot 'n howl for any child. The wallet is brown and plain. Yet, it makes young boys and girls feel older and special. Most carry it in their back pockets or in their small girlish purses, unaware. For when the moon is full, the wallet transforms into a werewolf. This can be quite alarming for the child with the wallet. Not only is the werewolf a terribly ugly and stinky creature to behold, it also sings nursery rhymes, which makes the preteen child cringe with embarrassment as they pretend to act older and more sophisticated having said wallet in their possession.
'Six little werewolves that I once knew,
Fat ones, skinny ones, mangy ones too,
But the one little werewolf with the brown curly mane,
He led the others with a grr, aroo.
Grr, aroo, aroo, aroo, aroo, aroo,
He led the others with a grr, aroo, aroo!'

Re: The Terrible Toy Workshoppe {Halloween Game}

Posted: Tue Oct 13, 2020 4:53 pm
by Lirimaer
Image Minu

Crochet Set

It took her a while to work out exactly what this thing was, since the instructions were in some sort of sealed bag, which she couldn't be bothered to open. In her defence, she had no experience of hand-knitted objects, coming as she deep from the South, where it was warm and there was no need for layers of clothing, jumpers or bedspreads of any sort of heaviness. Her life experience was pretty poor when it came to toys, too, and so she'd been drawing a blank on this little case for a while.

In the end, she came to the conclusion that the little packet of metal hooks and the balls of wool were supposed to be some sort of imitation lockpicks and garrotte wire, or maybe rope for tying people up, perhaps? Why people would give children substandard tools and expect them to learn effectively, she could not fathom, and promptly set about the dozen or so hooks with a metal file until they were fashioned into the useful and capable tools she knew they were; there was an inn nearby, and she'd tested the efficacy of her work. Slotting them neatly back into the case, she replaced the coloured wool with a six foot coil of strong but thin twine and added a coil of wire too, after adding wooden handles to each end.

She handed it back to the thin man with the weird smile. "I do not know what the word Crochet means in your tongue," she said, "but I think you should just say it is a Robber's Tool Kit. Maybe a Junior Robber's Tool Kit if you insist."

Re: The Terrible Toy Workshoppe {Halloween Game}

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2020 7:51 am
by Dwim

[OOC Sil: By skittles I'm going to assume you meant the bowling game and not the confectionary. Apologies if not!]

Dwimmerlaik was pleasantly surprised that Jack enjoyed his Batpack invention. People never usually appreciated anything he did, because it was all too dark and violent. But the people of Halloween Town had been good to him since he'd died and become trapped there, and this was another example of it. They really appreciated him for who he was. He wasn't feeling so trapped anymore.

The next job for him was to alter a set of skittles. Hmmm... he had played this game once before, and found it to be particularly boring and lacking in extravagance. But he had an idea! Hopefully Jack wouldn't think his idea was too traditional. But then again, Halloween and Christmas were traditional holidays, so perhaps it was appropriate.

His idea was exploding skittles!

He emptied the kit bag out onto his work table. The ball was fine, he didn't need to do anything to that. But the skittles he sawed in half, and hollowed them out a bit. Inside he poured some flammable bits of shrapnel, put together some wiring and circuitry, then sprinkled a generous mixture of gun powder and another secret explosive ingredient. This was going to be fun! Very, very carefully, he fused the top of the skittles back onto their bottom halves, then gathered them together once they were finished.

"Hey, Jack!" he said eagerly as he set up the skittles in formation on the floor. "Have a look at this!"

He stepped back to his mark then bowled the heavy wooden ball towards the skittles. BOOM!! The first skittle he hit exploded in spectacular fashion, which then caused a chain reaction of explosions with all the ones behind it. Once it was all done, the floor underneath was black and scorched.

"Now just imagine that happening in a family's hallway on Christmas day," he said with a smile.

Re: The Terrible Toy Workshoppe {Halloween Game}

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2020 8:33 pm
by Galadrihell
Jack couldn’t believe his eye sockets at the tremendous works that were being presented to him. “Lord @Tyrion Lannister! You take the prize for the finest invention once again! Now, my Lord, help me out here with this PICTURE FRAME?

My dear Minu, what a great idea! Not very spooky, but tremendously practical! What can you make with these ALPHABET BLOCKS?” @Lirimaer

@Dwimmerlaik (you assumed correctly) this is sterling work! Explosions are terrific, of course! But what can you make out of this TOY GUITAR?”

Re: The Terrible Toy Workshoppe {Halloween Game}

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2020 8:35 pm
by Galadrihell
@Sparky Boy Jack is so sorry he forgot to assign you anything new! He’s given you an extra point by way of apology... and what can you do with an EMBROIDERED QUILT?”

@Lirimaer i seem to have messed up your tag so re-tagging here as edited tags don’t work.

Re: The Terrible Toy Workshoppe {Halloween Game}

Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2020 7:12 pm
by Drifa
Tyrion took a sip of wine, then placed the picture frame face down in it's wrappings (two finely shaped bat wings that folded lovingly over the frame, encasing it without even having to use tape). The glass in the frame had reflected his own face, making the imp wary. He had enough demons in his life without provoking any more to appear late at night. He was a small man, but a big child at heart.

"May I present to you, Sur Skellington, The Girl (Boy) in a Picture Frame." * This actually freaked me out when I saw the x-radiation of The Girl in the Picture Frame by Rembrandt *

Parents, especially mothers, upon discovering their child's gift, the picture frame, immediately wish to take a photo of their child and place it in the frame. Some even commission a portrait of their child. But once the child's photo/portrait is placed in the frame, a change occurs to it.
At night when the house is asleep and the children lie in their beds, sheet covers pulled up nearly over their heads, faces of other children appear behind the features of the child in the frame. Ghostly faces of other girls and boys who's portraits had been captured and sealed behind glass or paint. They call out in different tongues from different times and different places - begging to come out and play. It is quite unsettling for a child in the middle of the night, hee hee hee.
Yet in the morning when the child attempts to remove the picture frame, the parents always scold them for their silliness (and the cost of the photo/portrait). And so they must keep listening to the calls and beseeches of the picture frame children night after night. Such a pleasant past time, to be shivering away the hours in fright , waiting for the morning light, don't you think?

Re: The Terrible Toy Workshoppe {Halloween Game}

Posted: Sat Oct 17, 2020 2:28 pm
by Yávië
Zero accepted the frisbee and hurried off to have a good think, inadvertently blowing over a large, green book with a boy on the cover on his way. He looped back, gave it an apologetic sort of sniff, and nudged it against a wall where it wouldn't get stepped on. Good dogs do not destroy books, he remembered dutifully, and then turned his focus back to the toy.

The ghostie dog considered his options. If the frisbee spun fast enough could it make an inter-dimensional portal that would suck children into Oogie Boogie's lair? Could he paint a face on it that would sing horrible karaoke whenever it was thrown? Could he attach rockets so that it would fly all the way around the world and not return to it's owner for eighty days? He ran into technical difficulties rather quickly at that point.

But his experiments had turned a box of miscellaneous teeth and some simple mechanical gadgets. With much careful gluing and stringing he rigged the frisbee as such: a perfectly innocent looking frisbee was thrown by a perfectly innocent child, and if the child was left-handed the force of the spin unleashed a ring of startling sharp fangs around the circumference of the toy, making for a Very Nasty Catch by the perfectly innocent child's perfectly innocent friend. If the child was right-handed...well, gah! He was a dog, not a physicist!

"Well, Jack?" he offered with a questioning woof. "Arrooof? Wooof aouuu?"

Behind him, the fallen book was open to a page that read, "Mr. Filch, the caretaker, has asked me to tell you that the list of objects forbidden inside the castle has this year been extended to include Screaming Yo-yos, Fanged Frisbees, and Ever-Bashing Boomerangs. The full list comprises some four hundred and thirty-seven items..."

Re: The Terrible Toy Workshoppe {Halloween Game}

Posted: Sat Oct 17, 2020 7:01 pm
by Galadrihell
Jack was continually amazed by the creativeness of his friends! “How marvellously spooky, Lord @Tyrion Lannister!” he applauded with a sound that resembled a rattle. Speaking of noises... “Could you adapt this VUVUZELA?”

He turned to @Yávië and ruffled Zero’s ghostly ears lovingly. “That’s wonderful, boy,” he praised, gingerly taking the Fanged Frisbee (was that patented, he wondered?) “Do you think you could spruce up this SWING SET for me?”

Re: The Terrible Toy Workshoppe {Halloween Game}

Posted: Sun Oct 18, 2020 4:28 am
by Dwim

Dwimmerlaik was pleased that Jack had enjoyed another one of his inventions. But there was still so much work to do. Many, many more presents and many, many more children to prank. His latest assignment was to improve a guitar somehow. To come up with an idea, he had to think to himself, "What is the most important feature of a guitar?" And the answer, "Aha! The noise it makes, of course."

This led to his idea. A guitar that you could never tune. An instrument forever doomed to annoy any child's parents, making them wish that Mr. Sandy Claws had never come to their house. He strummed the strings (an annoying enough sound as it was) to get a feel for it, then place it on his workbench. He flexed the strings, scraped them, stretched them, twisted them. He played around with the headstock, putting forth all his ghostly power into distorting the energy of the instrument. When he was done, he strummed it again, and it made a haunting and dreadful type of sound. He tried to retune it, to make sure the sound could not be improved. In fact it became worse, now giving off a shrieking noise that sounded like someone being murdered.

He grinned at his results and approached Jack again. "I've completed another one. Here you are..." He held the guitar out in front of him. "A Never-Tuning Guitar! Give it a try!"

Re: The Terrible Toy Workshoppe {Halloween Game}

Posted: Tue Oct 20, 2020 3:39 pm
by Drifa
Tyrion (protective hearing gear over his ears) blew into the metal horn and was pleased with what he heard. Drawing his cloak and dagger screen, he presented himself before the Skellington King, with his new invention.
"This, Sur, is the, 'Insult Horn'.
On Christmas morning when the children rush down to see what is under the dead tree, they will find a beautiful black Vuvusela (approximately a meter long). The Vuvusela, a cheering horn, is for when the children attend the football games that are held in their towns and the surrounding areas.
Not only does the horn blow out insults such as - 'you suck!' , 'your mother wears army boots!', 'your footballs have more balls than you!' , etc., it also emits an ear piercing noise that makes the recipients unsure if they have been insulted or not. 'What did you say? Did you just say I sucked?' Eventually the child with the horn gets a laugh or is chased out of the field by irate players. Best fun one could have at a football game, I must say. Cheers!"

Re: The Terrible Toy Workshoppe {Halloween Game}

Posted: Sat Oct 24, 2020 3:28 pm
by Yávië
The swing set was rather large for one small dog to manage, and Zero dragged it determinedly, poles and all, into several tables, knocked over half a dozen chairs and nearly shattered a window before deciding that he was best off working on location. He dropped the contraption to the floor with a thud and cocked his head at it. He understood that swing sets were naturally creepy, under the right circumstances, but could he recreate them permanently? He started with small buckets full of hot water and dry ice attached to each leg of the frame.

With fog pouring out into the workshoppe he shortened a chain on each of the two swings to make them lopsided and floated up to the top to lick away--blegh!--any residual oil to ensure extra creakiness. The final touch was a bit more...delicate. Zero ducked out of the building and returned several minutes later with a large orange and black lollipop held carefully in his jaw. Barrel came charging in after him, outraged. The dog led the boy on a merry chase around the hall, darting under tables and around projects until Barrel was panting and tired. When they finally circled back around to Zero's swing set he sank miserably onto one of the swings, scuffing his toes morosely on the floor.

Zero was thrilled. He dropped the lollipop on Barrel's lap, barked his best imitation of "Stay!" and went to get Jack. "Come see! Come see!" he yipped, tugging on his master's pinstriped sleeve. It was a Zero's Premium Pre-Haunted* Swing Set**.

*Fog, sound effects, and villainous ghost child included.
**Install under a dying oak tree in a sprawling, overgrown yard for full effect.

Re: The Terrible Toy Workshoppe {Halloween Game}

Posted: Mon Nov 02, 2020 8:15 pm
by Galadrihell
All your submissions were wonderful: but the never tuning guitar caught Jack’s ear (or lack thereof, since he only has a skull) as the Most Fiendish this round.

But all your scores have been tallied up and it was @Drifa as Tyrion Lannister who ultimately made the most spooky presents! Congratulations! 🎁

Re: The Terrible Toy Workshoppe {Halloween Game}

Posted: Mon Nov 02, 2020 9:06 pm
by Drifa
Thanks Sil! Tyrion knew just where to find all the gory and macabre material. :grin:

Fun game!!

Re: The Terrible Toy Workshoppe {Halloween Game}

Posted: Tue Nov 03, 2020 8:19 am
by Dwim
Thanks for running the game, Sil! It was very fun. :smile: