WHERE are my NUTS?! (ån RP game)

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Skwovet, Slightly More Aggressive Now

Leaves. More leaves. The world darkened around Skwovet. She shivered and gave an involuntary twitch. Leaves. LEAVES. Her eyes flared red with rage.

She shredded them in frustration then gathered up her various nuts and fungi and moved along to a new spot. She was just chittering angrily and shaking a tiny fist at a nearby skwirrel (Square) when she heard it.

“Skwovet. Skwooooooooooovet.”

She froze. What? Who was calling her? No one knew her name. That was a secret she kept all to herself! Except for the part where she yelled her name aloud to speak, that is. But still! No one would know it was HER name. It could be ANYONE’s name.

Skwovet shivered again. “Skwoh?” she asked, through a mouthful of mushroom. “Skwovet skwoh?” (Tr: “Who is this? What do you want?”)

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Tenebrous Sciurida

The low, rusty gate hinge laugh exploded from the dead squirrel in a violent maelstrom. The leaves underneath him shuttered from the sourceless vibrations. A plea for mercy to the black powers to been answered! He felt invigorated with new unlife, new vitality and malice. He found more nuts! Immediately, upon finding their hiding spot, he thrust them into the hole inside his flesh. There world within him, the world of willows and stagnant water, grew darker, grew more malevolent . He could feel the fabric of that world bend and warp and desiccate. The powers that be had not believed such things could be achieved using the rotten flesh of a squirrel, a tiny woodland creature oft thought too cute to manifest any true darkness but he was proving them wrong. His lipless face smiled, his teeth jutting out at wrong angles. His path of corruption and decay were working here too. The little cutesy creature that had scurried into this clearing thinking that she was going to stock up for winter was falling under his sway. The nut she’d taken from him was working. But he could approach too quickly or overwhelm the sweet, adorable face with too much darkness. The darkness needed to be cultivated and nurtured, grown like a cancerous weed. He approached, but stayed a good distance from her, creeping through the shadows of the underbrush.

“Skwovet…Skwovet. Can you hear me Skwovet? It's me, your friend. I can see you hunt is going well. I’m very proud of you Skwovet. You are strong and resourceful. Not like those others,” he hissed in derision, “Skwovet… can you hear me Skwovet? Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?”

F6, please
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Afird Splitax
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Mister Black (Mirkwood Squirrel)

Up tree, down tree,
What is a squirrel to do?
Willow, birch, maple, oak
Find a nut, seed or acorn too.
Up tree, down tree,
What is a squirrel to do?
Willow, birch, maple, oak
Find a nut, seed or acorn too.
Up tree, down tree,
What is a squirrel to do?
Willow, birch, maple, oak
Find a nut, seed or acorn too.

E3 Kuk! ( please in squirrel speak)


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Round 18

F7: Square finds twigs!
E8: Skwovet finds a Mysterious Berry!
F6: Tenebrous finds Leaves!
E3: Mr Black disturbs some more bees!

ALL THE SQUAREAS HAVE NOW BEEN SEARCHED, so the final standings are:

@Drifa: 13
@Nia: 10
@Fuin Elda: 8
@Lailyn: 19 (of which 8 aren’t nuts)
@Moriel :10
@Jorgy Underash: 13
@Tarawen: 4 nuts and a mushroom (5)

Congratulations to Lailyn for finding the Hoard and winning the game! Feel free to RP in here for a bit and stay tuned for the exciting follow up: PROTECT MY NUTS!
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